Activate location for "Find my Device"

When I go to (Find my Device), it says "Online" and "Location Turned Off" (under the device name) and the device is not located on the map.

I have checked the following on the device:

  • Settings->Security & Location->Find My Device: is "On"
  • Settings->Security & Location->Location->Use Location: is "On"
  • Wifi and mobile data are on (I have Internet connection)
  • The device knows its location (in Google Maps)
  • Find My Device can make my phone ring remotely.

Note: Sometimes the map shows the device (and the message becomes "Last seen ...") but this happens only rarely and under unpredictable circumstances (and a reload of the webpage makes it go back to "Location Turned Off" even if the phone was not moved and no settings were changed).

My device is an Umidigi A5 Pro with Android 9.

Answers 1

  • In addition to enabling location services, the "battery saver" mode must be off.

    In battery saver mode, location services will be automatically deactivated when the screen is off (Android Help). Unfortunately, Find My Device is not clever enough to deactivate batter saver mode for determining the location.

    I did not find a way to use Find My Device while at the same time being able to extend battery life.

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