Can't Edit Keyboard Settings in System Preferences At All - Unresponsive to Clicks

When I navigate to System Preferences ? Keyboard to change shortcuts, etc., none of the buttons are responsive. I can't seem to change anything in the keyboard settings. They're not grayed out or anything; they just don't do anything when I click them. However, when I navigate to other System Preference settings, I can change them e.g. Display settings. Does anybody know what might be going on here and how to fix it?

Note: I have a Macbook Pro 2019 with the most up-to-date OS software. I also have an Anne Pro 2 wireless keyboard connected via Bluetooth. Not sure if that's a part of the issue.

Answers 1

  • It must have just been a driver or something that failed because when I restarted my computer, I was able to click any and all settings with my mouse in system preferences.

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