How to know my Ram in Windows 7?

I know that how to check my ram and here is my ram.

enter image description here

But from some resources, I found that if I have more than 4 GB ram and still using Windows 7 32 bit, it would show only 4 GB ram because Windows 7 32 bit only support 4 GB ram. So, it is possible that I originally have more than 4 GB ram but this is saying 4 GB ram. So, How to determine how much ram I have? (I don't wanna open my CPU/other hardware)

Answers 2

  • You can open command prompt (type cmd in the Start Menu), in the opened window type systeminfo |findstr /i "Total Physical Memory" this will show the total amount of physical memory and some info about used and and available memory.

    Also you can use wmi to get info: wmic MEMORYCHIP get BankLabel, DeviceLocator, Capacity, Speed this will show you every memory module and its capacity.

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