Using Windows 10, how to "sync" documents, pictures, videos... folders with USB drive backup?

I have a backup of the documents, pictures and videos folders on a large external USB drive which took many hours to create. - Hey, even cloud services can lose files, as I found out to my cost ????

I now have new files and modified copies of others which I need to copy to the backup USB drive.

Is there a quicker way to update ("sync") the backup with the new and modified files in Windows 10 without select all > copy to USB then waiting hours for the PC to ask if I want to overwrite the modified duplicates once it has gone through the files?

Answers 1

  • you can try using

    1. rsync


    skip updating files that exist on receiver

    -b, --backup

    With this option, preexisting destination files are renamed as each file is transferred or deleted. You can control where the backup file goes and what (if any) suffix gets appended using the --backup-dir and --suffix options

    1. robocopy


    Excludes older files - if destination file exists and is the same date or newer than the source - don't bother to overwrite it.

    1. For gui use freefilesync

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