How to filter files based on tag on OSX under a folder

In the finder, I can easily tag a file and access all files with a certain tag from the sidebar. However, is there any way to find all files with a certain tag under a given folder? Otherwise, I have to create a new tag for each folder to implement this functionality, which is still cumbersome.

Answers 1

  • This is actually super easy to do (although not obvious at first!). Go to the folder you want to search and type a space in the search bar. This is to get the search options. Make sure you change the search scope to your folder not This Mac. There is a little bar that appears saying Search:.

    Next click the + button on the right side to add a search condition. Click the criteria selection (usually Name by default). Select Other and then choose tag. Then type the tag name and vola you have your search results!

    Alternatively you can also just type tag: blue or whatever the tag is on your computer. I just learned this one myself. Take a look here for more details.

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