An experimental distributed system with Raspberry PI

I am trying to learn distributed systems development, and thus planning to perform experiments using Raspberry PI.

I have no prior knowledge of Raspberry PI in this context. I want to know would it be worth the efforts and money?

And if yes, then what aspects should I first try to explore. I am planning to use Akka technologies, stream platform like Kafka, some monitoring tool like prometheus, CQRS, event sourcing and also some load balancing software.

Answers 1

  • If you just want to learn about distributed systems, you're probably better off with Virtualbox (or the likes) and Vagrant then using a physical Pi, imho. You might even use qemu to emulate a Pi (even though this is slow).

    However, if your current hardware is too limited to run a set of virtual machines, getting a few Pi's may prove to be a cost effective solution, especially if you buy Zeros.

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