Iron man Jarvis like robot

I'm very passionate about robots from my childhood.I'm a java developer. I love sci-fi movies.I have a little bit knowledge in embedded systems and electronics. My ambition is to build a robot like Jarvis (In Iron Man Movie).Which is a voice controlled robot.I would like to implement that in my house as a home automation system.It would take voice as input and take appropriate action.. Please help me to do this. Any kind of help is appreciated..

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  • As it has already been pointed out, this is such a broad topic, it's almost impossible to answer it... People do entire doctoral thesis for years on "just" one aspect like speech recognition!!

    But here is what you could do:

    1) get a Raspberry Pi for the brain. You'll have to learn how to use Linux and a programming language like Python

    2) get a cheap robotic arm: this one has been reverse-engineered before and you can find all the code on the web to control it with the raspberry pi

    3) add a microphone and a little speaker and use the google Speech API for voice recognition

    When you get there, you'll be where most hobbyist can get too easily without needing a lab or expensive equipment. Many people have done very similar projects, just google it, look on YouTube.

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