Open Source software for Quadcopters

my question is general so please bear with me. I'm now interested in buying a quadcopter and develop some functions that it does for example an android app to control it, or objects detection. So my question is what are the available quadcopters which has a software that allows me to do such things not just a flying toy?

P.S: I'm asked to buy a kit within 600$ and not build it by myself

Answers 2

    1. ROS is not the Jack of all trades when there is a question related to robotics. It is just a frame to help you handle package communication between different nodes(functions).

    2. You can buy a kit of 3D-robotics' quadcopter. Their APM flight controller is an open-sourced control system based on Arduino and you can modify its framework and download it into the quadcopter. All source are available in their github.

    3. If you don't want to pay too much attention on low-level development, which means the control control algorithm itself, and you want to develop some applications based on the quadcopter. It is another good choice to try AR.Drone, which provides many APIs.

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