Can a quadcopter hover while tilted?

Is there a way to make a quadcopter maintain steady hovering (no lateral movement, constant altitude) while tilted left or right? If so, how can i accomplish this?

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  • In a normal quadcopter configuration, if you tilt you will be pointing some of the lift force to the side. The only way to hover at a tilt, then, would be to somehow apply a counter force. A standard quadcopter can't do that itself, so it would need be an external force (tether, wind, etc).

    Your other options are to use a nonstandard configuration such as actuated motors that let you tilt them individually or adding extra lateral motors.

  • No. Once you're quad is tilted you are projecting the thrust of the motors at an angle which is not parallel to the z axis causing your quadcopter to move linearly along the x-y plane.

    If you must hover while tilted, you can use stepper motors to keep the thrust projecting parallel to the z axis.

    That would be an unusual quad though.

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