How to change the color of the title page of a template in LibreOffice Impress?

I am using the midnightblue template in LibreIffice Impress.

While I like the slides in this template, I want to change the background color of the elements in the title page. How to do that?

enter image description here I like the style of the slides but I want to change the title page

I am using Libreoffice 7.1 from the LibreOffice Fresh PPA, in Xubuntu 20.04.

Clarification: I want to change the background color of the title page (cyan and dark blue in this particular template), not the font color (which can be easily changed).

Answers 1

  • If I remember terminology correctly, then you need to edit properties of Master Slide, maybe its styles.

    See for example the following chapter of LibreOffice Impress Guide - Chapter 2 Master Slides, Styles, and Templates .

    From the PDF guide,

    1. Open View ? Master Slide.
    2. Right click on the desired region, and click on Edit Style....
    3. Area ? Color, and you can choose your favorite color/gradient.

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