Reset password or reinstall Ubuntu without access to the bios

I've had 20.04 on my old computer, that died, so I just bought a new computer. It has Nvidia hardware and had Windows 10. Of course I wanted to install Ubuntu, and instead of the LTS I chose the 21.04. It was not a dual boot, by the way. Installation went great, but then the password doesn't work.

I'd like to reset the password or even to reinstall Ubuntu as I still have the usb drive, but the computer doesn't boot to the usb on restart or even after shut down + start. I tried every advised button to open the bios (shift, escape, suppr, F1, F2, F10, F12), at the same time as I click on shut down or restart, keeping it pushed while it shuts down or restarts, start pressing when it boots, when the logo appears, and I even tried both keeping it pressed and pressing it like crazy until the login screen appears. No bios or grub.

Or, rather... I have grub when I use shift, but it's the minimal bash version, and I don't know what to do from here to boot from the usb or do anything else that would help my situation. In this console, I tried several things that I've seen online but to no avail neither. Don't ask what I've tried because I don't remember, my brain is burning, sorry. What I can say is that it probably didn't do anything because I kept receiving stuff like "this thing doesn't exist".

I've heard that the password issue may be caused by Nvidia, which is why I specified it earlier. I must also note that I've managed at some point to enter tty1 I don't remember how, but it asked for my login and password so I couldn't log in. Maybe the issue with the password is my own fault, I misstyped it or something when setting it, but now I can't use the computer at all.

Thank you very much for your help!

Answers 1

  • I needed to use the del key to enter the bios. There, I booted the usb drive, and installed Ubuntu again, not by reinstalling it because it said that the system may not boot correctly as is, but by erasing the disk to start off clean. Everything's fine.

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