Is there a keyboard shortcut to 'focus' cell I'm typing in so that the left/right buttons don't shift to adjacent cells?

I'm on a Mac, using Chrome. When I type abcde in a cell in Google Sheets, and then want to move the cursor to the left within abcde in order to backspace c, I have to manually click the cell to focus it, like this:

If I don't manually click the cell, then if I press Left <, it skips to the lefthand cell like this:

enter image description here

What I Want To Know: Is there a keyboard shortcut to 'focus' the cell so that I don't have to manually click it in order to be able to move the cursor around within it?

Answers 1

  • Press the Enter key to open a cell for editing, then enter abcde or whatever input. The arrow keys will be available to move within the cell the way you describe.

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