Using a custom formula on a sheet that is constantly expanding

A custom formula for 5 possible colors, by day is used to highlight entries by DayOfWeek

Is it possible to use a format like A2:A instead of manually editing it as the sheet grows bigger?

Formula works fine, just don't want to be editing it continuously

Example for rows A2 to A641 - can this be $A$2:$A ?


Answers 1

  • You can NOT use open ranges in Conditional Formatting.


    Select a range till last row as a range and the range will auto expand to new rows as the sheet expands.

    (In your case A2:A641 will become A2:A741 when a 100 rows added)

    (following OP's shared sheet)

    You also need to change your formulas and use open ranges within them.
    As an example:


    (Please check your sheet)

    enter image description here

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