What are sources of free/cheap stock photos?

Need photos for a website and the client has zero cash, What are sources of free stock photos? And how do I understand what the terms and conditions mean?

UPDATE: Changed the title from "free" to "free/cheap". I need an easy to use source of photos, meaning I they OWN the rights to the photos. Some stock photo websites disclaim that the have rights to the photos. Examples: SXC.hu, Bigstock (if you know of others, please comment. See comments to answers for details. Thanks!)

IMPORTANT: SXC.hu DOES NOT own the rights to any of the photos in their index. You must get the media owner to sign a "new" contract just with you. That's a lot of overhead, and the only way SXC.hu gives you to contact the owner is a web-form that has no additional info on the owner than their username.

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